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 Who makes the best harddrives?

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PostSubject: Who makes the best harddrives?   Sun Feb 18, 2007 3:21 pm

Every HDD may fail and will fail, it's only the fortune if it will fail today or someone in the next 10 years. HDD isn't safe product and was never designed [/url] as the safe product!
If you need safe HDD use RAID 1 mirroring with two normal HDDs and backup it daily on the some other medium as is tape/FTP/DVD, whis will be located [/url] in the some other area (so it will be safe again the fire or thief, if the main area will fail), than your normal PC or server.
This is safe solution which using every big company [/url]. Remember, that only regular backuping may save your ass. You may not use RAID 1, but If you will not backup it may take 1 day or 5 years, but be sure, that at this time will at least one your HDD fail. Backuping is the main part of this [/url] "safe plan".
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Who makes the best harddrives?
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