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 FIRE in my hotel this morning

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PostSubject: FIRE in my hotel this morning   Wed Feb 14, 2007 9:33 pm


Woke up at 4 AM to the strobe light and alarm going off in my room at the Sheraton in Manhattan.

At first we thought it was a flase alarm but upon opening my door I could immediately smell smoke in the hallway.

Julian and I rushed to get dressed, some essentials and [/url] wet face cloths, and started down stairs from the 15th floor. On our way down they announced to stay in your rooms which none of us listened to because smoke was clearly visible everywhere.

So the whole lobby was packed with guests in their PJ's and firefighters. The block was closed off and a dozen fire trucks were on the street. We waited in the restaraunt for a while and were told that a pipe had burst on the 29th floor causing water [/url] to leak all the way to the 2nd floor (we could see the water flowing into the hotel bar and a trade show area that was being used by Nickelodian. Smoke was everywhere, in my eyes and my throat. I am still feeling a little sick.

One thing is for sure. The Sheraton MGMT and staff were [/url] very organized and professional, handing uot water bottles, making cookies, keeping us updated etc.

Some guests were at the front desk asking for discounts and free nights while the chaos was unfolding. I couldn't imagine wasting hotel staff time during a crisis just to take some $ off my stay because of a fire. [/url]

I don't think anyone was hurt thankfully. It was pretty scary though.
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FIRE in my hotel this morning
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