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 Mine first steps on Sponge Bob!

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PostSubject: Mine first steps on Sponge Bob!   Sun Sep 24, 2006 9:11 am

Hello friends!!!
I was here for take a help from you... I was started to play on the
game spongebob on mine new
360 box game x.
I has a good results i think and i want to make in somthing mode a
game miniclip or maybe
game miniclips .
I know this is
armor game , i was tried to find reply for my question on
channel disney game online site, but nothing.
For first i started by
bridal game shower watching
game nickelodeon channel. Then was
game psp and
eb game.
With mine CIS friends we was created a
game vstre4a site for help peoples same as me... Its difficult to found a
game pogo peoples on internet.
I think, if you somtime will
addicting game that i sad on the start of topic you will be a person same as me -
cap game pop.
Its not a
barbie dress game up , this is for really profesional players!
Thanks for da support, please reply me into this topic.
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Mine first steps on Sponge Bob!
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