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 I believe in evolution

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PostSubject: I believe in evolution   Thu Jan 18, 2007 12:36 pm

I believe only in evolution and at the same time am agnostic. Our cells came from assorted chemicals getting the pounding of their existence when the moon was much close than it is now and the tides covered continents. Before that they came from the left overs from when our star formed. That which of course came from previous stars that have gone kaput. Those from the same. Eventually before we had some stars we had a shit load of matter and anti matter, just thankfully for us there was at least just one more matter than their was anti matter. Then well before that there really was nothing until something started a reaction. Now if your happen to feel that this cause of a reaction was our higher power. A force of some sort we yet and may never understand. Then sure we are close to being on the same page. However if you feel it was some gr
eater plan, that it knows or even can care about us, then well our pages are weirdly different.
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I believe in evolution
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