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PostSubject: Hello!   Mon Aug 28, 2006 4:50 pm

Name: Grimbear
Class: Shadow Knight
Level: 51
Race: Ogre - get in my belly!

Just wanted to say thanks for inviting me to your guild's first offical meeting. I was able to see a lot of determined players that want to get focused and start moving ahead.

Let me introduce myself a bit. I'm an old player of EQ from May of 2000. I went thru the levels and guilds until I became a member of New Dawn Rising. Since my main was a shaman ( Bearskin ), I became class leader while NDR was raiding hard when Shadows of Luclin was released. We raided VT after BoW had their time in the zone.

But my job changed and I had to changed schedule. I also made the mistake of changing to Dark Age of Camelot and fell in love with the hybrid classes in that game ( Paladins and Reavers ). So I returned to find that EQ had changed a lot and the max level was now 70 from 65. So I created a Beserker to kill with and he's now 67. But as I will tell anyone else, Momma, don't let your children make Berserkers. Awesome class but other folks just don't invite them. So.....

I started to play my SK again. He's hungry and leveling. And at 51, he's looking great and a lot of fun. I know I can get him to 65 fast using Bearskin to power level with but it is that level 65 to 70 that is my bane. No knowledge about the true highend game is the bad part.

Well, let me also list all my toons I can bring to aid raids:

67 Berserker
66 Shaman ( Any guildie gets free buffs when available )
60 Enchanter ( Any guildie gets free KEI or Tranq when available ).
58 Bard
51 Shadow Knight.

My shaman has most of the flags for PoP except for the elemental planes. My Zerker is Time Flagged already.

I will be posting some messages later to help folks level with. I'll even be posting a link to a guide on how to power level any class to 39 - 42 by using a potion that allows any class to summon a fire elemental pet and how to keep it when you camp out for the day. Perfect for that cleric trying to get to 39 for that complete heal spell Smile.

Also, my Shaman is a multi tradeskill to 250 except for fletching and tailoring. I will try to update his magelo profile today.

Well, I hope to be able to group up with everyone and get to know everyone soon. If you need help or just need advice, just ask. Thanks for the guild invite.
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PostSubject: Re: Hello!   Wed Aug 30, 2006 1:06 am

Grim Grim! He's our bear! if he can't do it nobody can! =X
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