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 Application Form (Copy and Paste Form)

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PostSubject: Application Form (Copy and Paste Form)   Fri Aug 25, 2006 1:49 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CUT HERE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Your character information

Current MAGELO profile
Flags and keys you possess and/or need

1.) What guilds are you currently in or have you previously been in? If any please specify.

2.) Why are you interested in joining OoRM. Where did you hear about us? What do you expect from the guild?

3.) What are your normal playtimes?

4.) Give a brief description of what your main character's role is or should be on a raid or possibly in a group. (There is no right or wrong answer)

5.) What are your goals in EQ?

6.) Make sure that you read all of the Guild Rules before completing this form. If your application is accepted you will be on a two week trial period before you are voted onto the force.

7.) (Optional) If you would like to, tell us a little bit about yourself. Your job? Your age? Your past,future,present...anything that seems to be floating on the mind of yours!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CUT HERE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Application Form (Copy and Paste Form)
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