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 Player Conduct

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PostSubject: Player Conduct   Fri Jul 29, 2011 3:33 am

Recently, I had the unfortunate opportunity to interact with a couple of OoRM members, Snackmeat, Armorce & tatianita. I was very dissappointed in thier unwillingness to settle a situation in an intelligent, civil and mature manner. After all, everquest has a small community of players and we should be cool to each other. While attempting to complete a simple quest in k.warrens, my group suffered a small wipe with two players dieing. It happens, it's everquest, it's part of gameplay. While we were resurrecting, on site --not running back to the camp site--, the players mentioned moved in to take over for a quest that involved hailing some thralls. My group wasn't there for that task, so it wasn't really an issue, so i attempted to ask them if we could co-exist. Kind of a help everybody idea. They ignored me and continually went on until they cleared everything. Which wasn't really a big deal, we were after one simple mob. They simply could not interract with us in a civil manner and started to train my party until we could no longer resurrect ourselves without continually suffering penalties. Out of respect to Cleverrodger and the other members of OoRM (which i was once a member 2k3 a few months after creation, go Fennin Ro!) I thought it would be fair to tell you I have reported the members for player conduct and reported OoRM for player conduct. I am tenaciously going to pursue this issue until Sony resolves it. I don't understand why it has to be this way. OoRM used to be a family guild.
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Player Conduct
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