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 Transformers,Ratatouille,Die Hard,which movie will rule

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PostSubject: Transformers,Ratatouille,Die Hard,which movie will rule   Mon Jul 02, 2007 4:04 pm

Transformers,Ratatouille,Die Hard,which will be the most watch movie this 4th of July? Transformer is going to be the top. Transformer has something for everyone, kids, male and female. Transformers is just the ticket to bring the kid out. Ratatouille is so audacious you have to fall in love with its unlikely hero. Ratatouille and its Pixar brethren have carved out a place for themselves by being genuinely smart and sophisticated in ways that please audiences as much as critics.Ratatouille also takes full advantage of what the medium of computer animation offers. Ratatouille is surprisingly candid about letting rats be rats. They've made Ratatouille so imaginative, good spirited and funny that it not only blurs the line between reality and fantasy, it manages to blur it between species as well. Live Free or Die Hard, the latest adventure of ultra-violent Energizer Bunny John McClane: He's not exactly cuddly but he keeps on coming on. Live Free or Die Hard introduces McClane at his least heroic. Live Free or Die Hard tries hard to retain the spirit of the original films

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Bumblebee: The scout and "little brother" who was aboard the Autobots Ark when it crashed to Earth. Disguised as a classic Camaro.

Jazz: Disguised as a white automobile, he is head of Special Ops and lives by the credo, "If you can't do something with style, it's not worth doing at all." A favorite character from the original series.

Decepticons: The bad-guy Transformers who exhibit gang behavior and want to dominate the universe.

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Barricade: The Decepticon spy, often disguised as a police vehicle. His hands, attached to wheels, can become spikes, and guns come out of his hood.

Bonecrusher: A Constructi^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^con who is one of Megatron's subservient soldiers and converts into an armored vehicle.

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Megan Fox Confirmed For ‘Transformers’ Sequel

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Transformers,Ratatouille,Die Hard,which movie will rule
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