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 For Sale Treo 750$170,Nokia N95 $240,Nokia N93i$230

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PostSubject: For Sale Treo 750$170,Nokia N95 $240,Nokia N93i$230   Tue Mar 27, 2007 8:36 am

Philtels Stores is a registered registered and certified wholesaler of various Electonics , telecoms and home entertainment Products , ranging
from Various GSM /TDMA/CDMA and Nextel Mobile phones ,Games consoles( PSP,PS3,PS2,Xbox 360 Nintendo ) ,Mp3 Players, ipods ,flash
drives , Memory Cards , Digital Cameras and lots more items
at very good prices .All brand new with warranty .

We want to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase and experience with us, so please contact us with any questions, concerns or suggestions,We will make

sure Philtels Stores fufills your day,We look forward to a good trading time with you.

Our main goal is to develop long term relationships through demonstrating integrity and genuine customer concern in our business transactions. We are known to be fair,

upfront, and honest and expect to do business with people who value the same business and life principles.
Thank you

Contact us for more enquiries on: paulphil8@aol.com
Tel: 44-7024081063
Phil Paul.

We have the Nokia N-Series Phones now in Stock and they are all Brand new,Unlocked,Complete accessories,Original packaging,Factory sealed box with 2years

international warranty,Below are the listed models now in stock.

Nokia N95 Phones cost$240USD
Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold Editions cost$160USD
Apple iPhone 8GB cost$150USD Only!
Apple iPhone 4GB cost$110USD.
Nokia N77cost$230USD
Nokia N91 8GB cost$170USD
Nokia E90 cost$260USD
Nokia N93i cost$220USD
Nokia N73 cost$130USD
Nokia N80 cost$110USD
Nokia 8800 Sirocco Silver Editions cost$150USD
Nokia 8800 Sirocco Diamond Editions cost$200USD
Nokia N76 Phones cost$230USD
Nokia N800 Phones cost$250USD
Sony Ericsson P990i cost$190USD Only!
Sony Ericsson P900i cost$170USD Only!
Sony Ericsson W900i cost$160USD Only!
Sony Ericsson W300i cost$120USD Only!
Sony Ericsson W950i cost$175USD Only!
TOM TOM GO 500............ $130USD
TOM TOM GO 510............ $180USD
TOM TOM GO 700............ $200USD
TOM TOM GO 910............ $250USD
TOM TOM GO 300............ $150USD
Motorola V3 Razr cost$55USD Only!
Motorola V3i cost$60USD Only!
Motorola Krzr cost$150USD Only!
Sidekick III Phones cost$130USD
HP IPaq Pocket PC H4150..120 USD
Toshiba Pocket PC E800..140 USD
Palm one Treo 650....130 USD
Treo 680 cost$150USD
Treo 750 cost$170USD
Palm one Treo 700...150 USD
O2 XDA ATOM....170 USD
O2 XDA EXEC....130 USD
O2 XDA MINI....140 USD

Contact us for more enquiries on: paulphil8@aol.com
Tel: 44-7024081063
Phil Paul.

We have the Nintendo Wii systems,Play-Station 3 60GB, Sony PSP versions,X-box 360 premium now in stock,they are all Branded New inside box ,Each Game pack

comes with 10-FREE games included inside each game pack with 3 Extra Controllers with 2years international warranty.

Nintendo Wii System (Bundle) cost$150USD Only!
Nintendo DS consoles cost$110USD Only!
Sony PSP Euro Versions cost$80USD Only!
Sony PSP US Versions cost$100USD Only!
Sony PSP Japanese Versions cost$110USD Only!
Play-Station 2 Consoles cost$120USD Only!
Play-Station 3 60GB Consoles cost$180USD Only!
Play-Station 3 20GB Consoles cost$135USD Only!
X-box 360 premium cost$150USD Only!

Contact us for more enquiries on: paulphil8@aol.com
Tel: 44-7024081063
Phil Paul.
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For Sale Treo 750$170,Nokia N95 $240,Nokia N93i$230
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